from the moment they placed you in

my arms you snuggled right into my heart


Props Available

Cream Crib

Brown Crib

Cream pram carriage

Brown Carriage

White, gray, brown boxes

Mauve infant couch

White heart bowl

White bowl

Brown bowls

Lace bowl

Several color pails


What to Bring to Studio

Pacifier to help soothe

Extra milk

Baby in button-down onesie


Burp rag

Water/drink  for yourself

Snacks (preferably nothing that will stain)

Client Questionnaire

Please look at questionnaire,

complete and return upon booking of session.

This will be used to assure that

color choices and props

of your choice will be ready and available at the time of  your session.

**Please complete at least 2 months in advance if possible!


Q:   Why do the sessions last so long?

A:  As your photographer, I strive to provide the most professional experience from start to finish for your newborn session.  That includes the know how of proper angles, positions, making sure baby remains safe and comfortable the entire session.  Babies are highly unpredictable, and what works for one baby may not work for another.  It can take 15 minutes just to uncurl those precious little fingers!