Let's be real.  Pregnancy is not all sunshine and roses.  For many moms-to-be, it is a time of new worries, morning sickness, or if you're really lucky, all day sickness, stretch marks, unexplainable gas (yep, I said it), constipation, insomnia, cramps, twitches, headaches, weight gain...ok, ok, you get it!  It can be downright miserable.  And yet, with all the ick that can come, it is the single most beautiful miracle that can happen to us.  Something that is so tiny that can only be seen under a microscope grows into a tiny little baby.

Maternity Sessions

Whether you're one of the lucky one who breezed through pregnancy, or one of those that was miserable and less than in love with being pregnant, a maternity session is your time to celebrate how far your body has come in creating this beautiful human being.  To capture the joy of being close to the end of this special journey.  Whether by yourself, or with baby's daddy, or with baby's siblings, it is about the celebration...about celebrating you because creating another human being is darn hard work!

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Your  maternity session can take place anywhere you want it to.  It can be in my studio or a beach, a field right before sunset, a park, or a garden or wooded area.  

A beautiful dress, a beautiful location, dolled up hair and makeup can make any momma feel extra special and beautiful, especially if you're feeling less than beautiful.   


A session typically occurs between 28 to 32 weeks.  It is a great idea to schedule early at least a month or two before you are this far along so that we can plan the perfect location and the perfect outfit for you. 

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30-45 minute session

1-2 outfits

20 pics



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Maternity +


Save $50 off Maternity Session when booked with newborn session

30 minute session

1-2 outfits

20 pics



SAVE $50

***All packages have sales tax built in