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Edison, aka Eddie, came to me for his 1st birthday session and boy did we have fun! This little dude has been through more in his first year than most. You see, he was born with a cleft lip and palate. See how far he's come below! It was a session that taught me a lot about this birth defect as his momma was so awesome about telling me all the ups and downs they've experienced since finding out at their ultrasound appointment that their baby would have some issues when he was born. I tell ya, it is just yet another experience that shows how blessed most of us are to have completely healthy babies,, how we take so many things forgranted and truly what a miracle each baby is.

Little Edison is an amazing 1 year old and you would never know that he's had so much to deal with in his first year. Makes his 1st birthday even more special! You touched my heart little man....in sooooo many ways!

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