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About me...


My name is Lori Anderson and I'm so glad you stopped by!  Some things you may or may not know about me....

 - I am all about depth and dramatic photography

 - My photography screams rich, bold, beautiful colors...my style is NOT organic, discolored and muted photos

 - I LOVE newborns and child photography

 - I live for sun-drenched, golden hour photgraphs. 

  - My family is life. 

  - I'm a creative perfectionist...that can be both good and bad unfortunately...some might call it OCD.

 - Needing to be creative has always been a part of my life. It started as a wee one loving to color, which turned into drawing, which expanded into painting and now photography.  My children were my inspiration and started my photography passion. 

In November, 2018, I opened a studio space that allowed my photography passion to continue through these dreadful Minnesota winters and summer rains, and love that I am able to provide both studio and outdoor photography.

Photography feeds my soul.  I adore all the babies and kiddos I meet and the relationships with all of you that have all begun through my camera lens.  It is an absolute honor to get to know each of you and never want to take for granted this life God has blessed me with. It's pretty dang amazing!